Govt working to transform youths into skilled work force: PM


Published: July 31, 2022, 05:52 PM

Govt working to transform youths into skilled work force: PM

Sheikh Hasina, also president of the Awami League, said her party alongside the government has been working to create entrepreneurs.

"We are inspiring the young generation to become entrepreneurs and create employments for others," she added.

Mentioning that 22 lakh young people eligible to work are being added every year, she said it would not be possible to take the advantage of demographic dividend, if Bangladesh cannot transform them as skilled manpower.

"Bangladesh will enjoy the advancement of having demographic dividend till 2033. We have to utilise the dividend to materialise the Vision 2041," she added.

The Premier stressed the need for attaching priority to product diversification, increasing export and attracting local and foreign investments.

She reiterated her call to focus on export instead of remittance to increase foreign currency reserve.

"We will no longer depend on the remittance. We have to increase our production alongside diversifying the goods to increase export basket and for which we have to explore new markets abroad," she added.

The Prime Minister said that all concerned have to focus on making investment abroad.

"We will not only attract foreign investment, but also make investment abroad," she added.

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