Atiqur Rahman helps those who are not aware of cyber vulnerability

Staff Reporter

Published: February 26, 2024, 06:28 PM

Atiqur Rahman helps those who are not aware of cyber vulnerability

Atiqur Rahman aligns with those who are in risk in the internet realm.

Although the touch of technology has sped up people‍‍`s lives, it is no less unpleasant.  As a result, the crime rate has risen steadily over time.  Several criminal groups have formed.  Fraudsters target people who are not particularly tech conscious.

And many of the country‍‍`s cyber security specialists are striving to help those who have been victims of cybercrime.  One of them is Atiqur Rahman.

Atiqur Rahman said, "People‍‍`s access to the cyber world is rising every day, and it will continue to grow in the future.  As a result, anybody is vulnerable to cybercrime in one way or another.  However, the majority of the country‍‍`s population is unaware of cyber security, and when they fell prey to it, they fail to take precautions against it.  But if someone gets scammed and informs us, then we act on it."

"For example, a group of internet extortionists is currently demanding money and threatening to use false copyrights on Facebook sites. Many people‍‍`s YouTube accounts and Facebook pages are also getting hacked. We will recover the items if you notify us about them. I also work on a variety of cyber-related topics", he added. 


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