Taiwan shaken by 6.3 quake, no casualties reported

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Published: April 23, 2024, 11:44 AM

Taiwan shaken by 6.3 quake, no casualties reported

Photo: Reuters

A series of aftershocks rattled Taiwan‍‍`s Hualien county following a significant quake, causing buildings to sway across various parts of the island, including the capital, Taipei. Fortunately, only minor damage was reported, and there were no casualties.

The largest tremor, measuring a magnitude of 6.3, struck the area, leaving residents like Aden Peng, a Taipei local, shaken. "Especially at 2 a.m., it shook very strongly. In fact, for a moment even I thought about rushing downstairs, but as we live on the sixth floor, I felt it a bit troublesome to go down," Peng recounted, highlighting the unsettling experience for many.

According to Taiwan‍‍`s Central Weather Administration, the tremors, numbering over 200 since Monday afternoon, were aftershocks from a previous quake on April 3. Wu Chien-fu, Director of the Seismological Centre, described them as a "concentrated release of energy," cautioning that more aftershocks could occur, albeit potentially weaker.

With heavy rain expected throughout the week, concerns about further disruption mount. President Tsai Ing-wen urged vigilance, advising people to follow earthquake safety protocols and avoid mountainous areas.

Despite some additional damage to already compromised buildings and road closures due to rockfalls in Hualien county, no casualties were reported. The government took precautionary measures, suspending work and school for the day.

Taiwan‍‍`s susceptibility to earthquakes due to its location near tectonic plate boundaries underscores the importance of preparedness in the region. Past disasters, such as the 2016 quake in southern Taiwan and the devastating 1999 quake, serve as reminders of the country‍‍`s vulnerability to seismic activity.

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