Dhaka University shifts to online classes on sweltering heatwave

Staff Reporter

Published: April 21, 2024, 01:27 PM

Dhaka University shifts to online classes on sweltering heatwave

Dhaka University has taken proactive measures in response to the scorching heatwave gripping the nation. In a circular released by the university registrar on Sunday, it was announced that all classes will be conducted online until further notice.

The decision comes amidst soaring temperatures, with the university opting for 100% online classes, replacing the previous 10% online instruction. Additionally, exams will proceed as scheduled through the online platform.

The circular further advises students to adhere to essential hygiene practices if they must venture outdoors during this period. Recommendations include wearing light-colored cotton clothing, seeking shaded areas, utilizing wide-brimmed hats or umbrellas, and staying hydrated with clean water or saline solutions, while avoiding beverages that may exacerbate dehydration, such as tea or coffee.

This move aligns with recent actions taken by educational authorities, including the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, which extended the holidays for secondary schools and colleges until April 28 due to the severe heatwave. Similarly, colleges affiliated with the National University have suspended classes following suit, as announced in a press release by the Director of Public Relations Department of National University, Ataur Rahman.

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