Rare Disease Day

Axiom REACH Foundation and Thalassemia Samity Hospital aim to help affected children

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Published: February 29, 2024, 11:04 PM

Axiom REACH Foundation and Thalassemia Samity Hospital aim to help affected children

Photo: The Report.live

Axiom REACH Foundation and Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity Hospital have established an innovative collaboration with the aim of providing essential support to underprivileged paediatric Thalassemia patients in Bangladesh as the world celebrated Rare Disease Day on February 29.

The partnership represents a significant turning point in the continuous efforts to meet the healthcare requirements of children suffering rare diseases. 

It was announced during a special event hosted at the Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity Hospital‍‍`s Green Road building in Dhaka. 

The event brought together key stakeholders who are committed to improving the lives of thalassemia patients. 

The intention is to begin with a pilot program in which Axiom REACH Foundation would provide continuous medical care funding for a group of children from low-income households.

The event was presided over by Dr MA Matin, President of Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity.

Mohammad Ehsan, General Secretary of the Axiom REACH Foundation, inaugurated the event by giving a brief overview of the Axiom team members worldwide and highlighted some of their most recent work with the Children‍‍‍‍`s Cancer Fund (CCF) in Bangladesh.

Hafiz Sikder. Photo: TheReport.live

Hafiz Sikder, the founder and President of the Axiom REACH Foundation, delivered a speech and reaffirmed his steadfast dedication to support underprivileged Bangladeshi children in their fight against cancer and other rare diseases.

Acknowledging the devoted work of the medical staff and doctors at the hospital, Sikder expressed his sincere gratitude and promised to stand by them until every child in Bangladesh receives the treatment they deserve.

The executive director of Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity Hospital, Dr AKM Ekramul Hossain Swapan, gave a team introduction and an overview of the wide range of services the hospital offers. 

In addition to praising Sikder and the Axiom REACH Foundation team for their unwavering support in the fight against rare diseases like Thalassemia, Dr Swapan emphasized the importance of teamwork in improving patient outcomes.

Prof Dr  MA Khan

Prof Dr MA Khan, a member of the Axiom Board and Green Life Hospital, gave an overview of the situation regarding thalassemia in Bangladesh today, emphasizing the value of teamwork in raising awareness and enhancing access to care.

In addition to the volunteers and team members from both organizations, the event was also attended by Prof Dr Akhil Ranjon Biswas, Department Head of Hematology, Dhaka Medical College & Hospital and a member of the Axiom Board, Mr Zahidul Hasan from UNICEF Bangladesh and a member of the Axiom Board, Tahsin Nabid from Axiom Princeton team, Sayeed Deeder Bakth, former deputy minister and Advisor to Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity, Dr. Kabirul Islam, Chief Medical Officer of Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity Hospital, Prof Dr Ferdous Ara, Head of Department of Transfusion Medicine, National Institute of Neuro Science Hospital (NINSH), Engr Mosharraf Hossain, General Secretary of Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity, and Dr Mafruha Akter, Associate Professor, Department of Hematology, Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Several thalassemia patients and their families participated in the discussion as well, sharing how this partnership could impact positively on their lives. 

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