Prof Anu Muhammad needs combined surgery: Health Minister

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Published: April 23, 2024, 09:50 AM

Prof Anu Muhammad needs combined surgery: Health Minister

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Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Samanta Lal Sen has said noted activist-economist Prof Anu Muhammad requires combined surgery.

“After seeing the pictures sent by the doctors last night, I decided that Professor Anu Muhammad needs a combined operation for his injuries. For this reason, he has been brought from Dhaka Medical College Hospital to Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute," he said.

Samanta was speaking to reporters after a board meeting on Professor Anu Muhammad at Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Surgery Institute on Monday afternoon.

“The Honorable Prime Minister inquired about Professor Anu Muhammad‍‍`s condition this morning. She has instructed us to take all necessary measures. I have also informed her of everything. This institute will be better for a combined operation. We need orthopedics, I think it will be better if everyone works together on this matter. We want him to recover and return to his workplace," said the minister.

Speaking about the adverse situation due to the intense heat wave, Samanta said, "Today we talked to the principals of all the medical colleges in the country. We have had a detailed discussion on how the students of the medical colleges will stay in this intense heat and have taken some decisions in this regard. Most of the classes will be online and instructions have been given to bring patients to the clinics and take clinical classes in rooms where there is air conditioning. We hope that this natural condition will not last long. It will be fixed. Then the normal situation will return again."

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