New technology going to be used to collect Padma Bridge toll

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Published: April 23, 2023, 11:16 AM

New technology going to be used to collect Padma Bridge toll

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is going to be added to the toll plaza of Padma Setu. In addition, a hybrid-touch and go system is in development. Toll will be collected of moving vehicles. If these two new methods are introduced, the toll plaza will be hassle-free.

Apart from this, the monitoring system has been strengthened by installing various types of CC cameras including high power cameras on the bridge.

People are pleased with the news of proper use of technology to make traffic flow more seamless on Padma Bridge. If toll collection starts on the move, the economy will get more momentum. People do not have to wait and it will save time.

Bridge Secretary Manjur Hossain said that until now toll was being collected manually on the Padma Bridge using the computerized toll collector method. To speed up this work, the world's two popular methods of toll collection process is now at its final stage. RFID and Hybrid-Touch and Go systems are being introduced. In this way toll will be collected with modern technology.

Currently, the Korean Expressway Corporation (KEC) is collecting the toll of the Padma Bridge. Toll is collected through 15 lanes on Padma Bridge. There are two such RFID lanes in the toll plazas at both ends.

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