Land dispute in Gazipur: BASL leader wields shotgun

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Published: April 21, 2024, 02:14 PM

Land dispute in Gazipur: BASL leader wields shotgun

Rasheduzzaman Masum holding a shotgun

Tensions flared in Gazipur as a leader of the Bangladesh Awami Sechcha Sebok League (BASL) reportedly brandished a shotgun to halt an opponent, threatening to open fire and resolve a long-standing land dispute. The incident unfolded on Saturday morning in Desipara, under the jurisdiction of Gazipur Metropolitan Sadar Police Station.

According to local sources, Harun or Rashid, a resident of the area, has been embroiled in a land feud with Rasheduzzaman Masum, purportedly the presidential candidate of Awami Swachhasevak League, Ward No. 19.

At around 10 am, Harun and his relatives ventured out to measure and demarcate the disputed land. Upon learning of this, Masum, the Sechcha Sebok leader, swiftly arrived at the scene armed with a shotgun.

Eyewitnesses reported that Masum allegedly aimed the firearm at Harun‍‍`s chest, threatening to obstruct the land measurement process.

Responding to the accusations, Rasheduzzaman Masum clarified, "I carried my licensed weapon for personal protection. However, I did not threaten Harun with it."

He added, "My family has owned that land since 1952. Despite this, they are now laying claim to it, citing lack of official registration in our name."

In response to the incident, Officer-in-Charge Syed Rafiul Karim of Gazipur Metro Sadar Police Station stated, "A viral video depicting a confrontation over land dispute involving a shotgun has come to our attention. Pending investigation, appropriate legal measures will be taken."

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