Motorcycle allowance on Padma bridge troubled bus counters

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Published: April 19, 2023, 01:25 PM

Motorcycle allowance on Padma bridge troubled bus counters

Before Eid, the Gabtali Bus terminal always remains packed due to large number of passengers. But, it's a different picture this time. There is no passenger pressure at the terminal.

This phenomena was seen in the Gabtali Bus Terminal 

According to the bus workers, the passenger pressure at this terminal has reduced a lot after the Padma Bridge was opened.

Sonali Paribahan coounter in-charge, Amzad said that the pressure of passengers is much less this time than the last time. Tickets are not being sold. But this was not the scene earlier. Passengers used to crowd during Eid in the bus terminal.

He added, "Motorcycles are permitted this time. Those who had bikes left for their destination. As a result, we are experiencing a passenger crisis."

Soukhin Paribahan in-charge, Alam said, "After the construction of the Padma Bridge, passengers of South Bengal no longer take bus from Gabtali terminal. This time allowing motorcycles have created problems for us."

Eagle Transport Counter Master Abdul Awal, however, expressed hope. He said, "Those who had bought advance tickets left yesterday. Due to which the pressure is a little less today. I hope the pressure will increase if garments are given off tomorrow."

Meanwhile, additional traffic police have been deployed in the Gabtali bus terminal area to reduce the suffering during the Eid journey. Besides, the police in plain clothes are performing duty with the police for the safety of the passengers.

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