BUET students declares boycotting term final protesting chatra league intrusion

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Published: March 30, 2024, 03:42 PM

BUET students declares boycotting term final protesting chatra league intrusion

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Students at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) have taken a stand against outside influence on campus, occupying the Shaheed Minar premises since Saturday morning. This follows ongoing protests since Friday, with students raising six key demands, including the resignation of the Director of Student Welfare (DSW).

In continued defiance, students boycotted term finals and the placement program as part of their protest, chanting slogans and displaying posters. At a press conference held today at 11 am, student representatives reiterated their demands and condemned a recent breach of campus regulations.

According to student leaders, Imtiaz Rabbi violated the ban on political activities at BUET by organizing an unauthorized gathering with external participants. In response, students demand the Rabbi‍‍`s permanent expulsion from the university and the revocation of his hall membership. While the administration has confirmed his expulsion, students await written confirmation by 2 pm today.

Furthermore, students identified several individuals associated with the Rabbi through video evidence, urging their immediate academic and hall expulsion. They call for intensified efforts to identify any unidentified individuals involved in disruptive political activities on campus.

Despite verbal assurances from the university‍‍`s Vice-Chancellor regarding outsider intrusion, students demand written confirmation and seek the resignation of the DSW teacher for alleged negligence. Additionally, they request the exclusion of term finals scheduled for March 30 and 31.

Students emphasize their right to a harassment-free environment and urge the administration to ensure their safety. The movement echoes sentiments following the tragic death of BUET student Abrar Fahad in 2019, prompting a campus-wide ban on all forms of student politics, as per BUET‍‍`s constitution.

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