Dr. Yunus deliberately spreads falsehood regarding UNESCO prize

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Published: March 27, 2024, 07:23 PM

Dr. Yunus deliberately spreads falsehood regarding UNESCO prize

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The Bangladesh UNESCO National Commission (BNCU), under the Ministry of Education, has accused Nobel laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus of spreading false information regarding a UNESCO award. According to the commission, Dr. Yunus‍‍`s claim of receiving a UNESCO award is fraudulent and deliberately misleading.

In a press release issued by the Bangladesh UNESCO National Commission‍‍`s Deputy Secretary General, Zubaida Mannan, it was revealed that recent reports in Dhaka newspapers and on the official website of the Yunus Center had announced Dr. Yunus as the recipient of the ‍‍`Tree of Peace‍‍` award from UNESCO. However, the UNESCO Dhaka office has refuted these claims, stating that the UNESCO headquarters in Paris has no knowledge of such an award.

Zubaida Mannan clarified that the award mentioned in the news reports was not an official UNESCO honor. Rather, it was a sculptural memorial named ‍‍`Tree of Peace,‍‍` presented to Dr. Yunus by Israeli sculptor Miss Hedva Ser. Miss Ser, who is UNESCO‍‍`s Goodwill Ambassador for Cultural Diplomacy, confirmed that UNESCO had no involvement in conferring this tribute to Dr. Yunus.

The commission further condemned the Yunus Center, led by Dr. Yunus, for intentionally spreading deceptive information. As Bangladesh is an active member state of UNESCO, the commission warned against the misuse of UNESCO‍‍`s name and reputation. Dr. Yunus and the Yunus Center have been cautioned, with the commission considering legal action for their misleading claims.

Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, who also serves as the Chairman of the Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO (BNCU), addressed the issue during a press briefing. He confirmed that UNESCO headquarters had denied conferring any honor upon Dr. Yunus. The minister emphasized the importance of upholding the integrity of prestigious organizations like UNESCO and vowed to take appropriate action against any attempts to misrepresent their endorsements.

The controversy surrounding Dr. Yunus‍‍`s alleged UNESCO award highlights the need for transparency and accuracy in public announcements, especially concerning esteemed international institutions. As investigations continue, the Yunus Center and its affiliates may face scrutiny for their dissemination of misleading information.

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