Job seekers to pay more for online applications

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Published: August 25, 2023, 03:28 PM

Job seekers to pay more for online applications

When applying online for various government jobs, candidates must now pay commission and value-added tax (VAT) in addition to the application price.

According to a circular issued by the finance ministry on Thursday, however, such VAT and commission will not be applicable if the application is presented in person.

The notice stated that state-owned Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd would be able to transfer the application money to the authorities.

In this situation, the application cost will be subject to a 10 percent commission and a 15 percent VAT.

Prior to this time, there was no VAT on commission and the 10% commission on the application fee was not collected from job-seekers.

According to the new circular, a jobseeker must pay an additional Tk 20 as a 10% commission if the application fee is Tk 200 and prepaid through Teletalk. The job seeker must also pay an additional Tk 3 for the commission‍‍`s 15% VAT.

Therefore, in addition to the Tk 200 application cost, the job seeker will also be required to pay an additional Tk 23. Since the charge is paid through Teletalk connection, two text messages have to be sent and the sms cost will also be deducted.

The application fees for various posts of government job remain the same. These are Tk 600 for job-seekes in grades 9 and up (non-cadere), Tk 500 for grade 10 jobs, Tk 300 for grades 11 and 12, Tk 200 for in grades 13 and up, and Tk 100 for 17th to 20th grades.

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