Efforts underway to elevate Jamdani globally, says senior industry secretary

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Published: March 31, 2024, 04:16 PM

Efforts underway to elevate Jamdani globally, says senior industry secretary

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During the opening discussion meeting of ‍‍`Jamdani Mela-2024‍‍` at the Kabi Sufia Kamal Auditorium of the Bangladesh National Museum, Zakia Sultana, senior secretary of the Ministry of Industry, outlined initiatives aimed at positioning Jamdani as a globally recognized textile.

The event, organized by the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSIC) and Bangladesh National Museum, featured discussions on strategies to promote and enhance the reputation of Jamdani.

Highlighting the significance of Jamdani, Sultana emphasized its unparalleled weaving techniques, bold designs, and exceptional comfort. She expressed aspirations for Jamdani to garner international acclaim akin to the renowned muslin fabric of Bengal.

Acknowledging the craftsmanship involved in creating Jamdani, Sultana stressed the importance of training novice artisans to ensure quality and innovation in design. Training programs commenced on March 11 to enhance the skills of artisans in Jamdani weaving.

In addition to skill development, Sultana underscored the imperative to eradicate child labor from the Jamdani industry, emphasizing the need for sustainable production practices to facilitate its global recognition.

Special guests at the event included Sanjay Kumar Bhowmick, Chairman of BCIC (Grade-1), Khalil Ahmad, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, and Md. Kamruzzaman, Director General of Bangladesh National Museum. Ahmad commended the cultural significance of Jamdani, highlighting its display at the annual folk craft fair in Sonargaon as a testament to its heritage value.

Ahmad also shared the Ministry of Culture‍‍`s commitment to advocating for Tangail Sarees‍‍` inclusion in UNESCO‍‍`s list of cultural heritage items, reflecting ongoing efforts to preserve and promote Bangladesh‍‍`s rich cultural legacy.

Following the meeting, Zakia Sultana inaugurated the five-day ‍‍`Jamdani Mela-2024‍‍` at the National Museum‍‍`s Nalinikanta Bhattasali Exhibition Gallery, symbolizing a concerted effort to showcase and celebrate the artistry of Jamdani textiles.

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