Ruling Party forcing old politics of division and violence: AB Party


Published: December 6, 2023, 07:06 PM

Ruling Party forcing old politics of division and violence: AB Party

Photo: AB Party

Amar Bangladesh Party, AB Party, held a protest rally on Wednesday afternoon around the streets of Shegun Bagicha, Kakrail and Bijoy Nogor area of the capital calling upon this unelected government to step down, suspend election schedule and handover power to an interim government without any further delay.

Mojibur Rahman Monju, Member Secretary of AB Party, said, the current ruling party is forcing to bring back old politics of BAKSHAL, only party rule established by the father of current PM in 1975, versus NOKSHAL, an armed socialist group led by JSD reacting to the misrule of the regime. In the bloody conflict, tens of thousands of opposition political activists had lost their lives at the hands of secret militias of the regime. If the opposition parties cannot take part in a free, fair, credible election, violent civil unrest would spiral over the country. This farcical election would not resolve anything but deteriorate the situation on the ground.

Asaduzzaman Fuaad, a barrister-at-law and Joint Member Secretary of the party, reminded this government of the 1973 and 2018 elections fraudulently securing 73% and 82% votes respectively but it did not help the regime to last nor gain public confidence. Recent post-election sanctions on Combodia, Uganda and Zimbabwe would certainly follow Bangladesh if one sided election goes ahead on 7th January next year. It would adversely affect our ready-made garment and other export oriented industries.


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