EC will create opportunities if BNP wants to participate in polls

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Published: November 20, 2023, 02:56 PM

EC will create opportunities if BNP wants to participate in polls

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Election Commissioner Begum Rasheda Sultana said that if any political party still wants to come to the election, an way will be prepared for them to participate to the election in accordance with the law, they will be welcomed by the EC.

She said this during an exchange of views with journalists at the Election Commission office in Agargaon of the capital on Monday.

Rasheda Sultana said in response to journalists‍‍` questions about BNP‍‍`s participation in the elections, "They (BNP) participated in the 2018 elections. At that time opportunity was created for them. It will be the same for this time as well. If they want to paticipate, they will be spaced according to the law. We will consider if they come. We want all parties to participate in the elections."

But Rasheda Sultana said that if a party does not come in the right time then we will have nothing to do.

Expecting that the political crisis will be resolved, Rasheda Sultana said, if the political parties want, the situation can be calm and normal. In this case, EC constitutionally has no opportunity to take initiatives to solve the political crisis.

Requesting the political parties to trust the Election Commission, the Election Commissioner said, "My message to them is to trust us, there is no doubt that there will be a good, fair and beautiful election. Voters will come and exercise their right to vote freely. They will vote for whoever they want." 

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