Zara apologizes for ‘unintentional’ Gaza imagery association in ad campaign

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Published: December 20, 2023, 11:00 AM

Zara apologizes for ‘unintentional’ Gaza imagery association in ad campaign

Zara has expressed regret over what it describes as a "misunderstanding" linked to an ad campaign that faced backlash for seemingly including images reminiscent of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The controversy, which ignited substantial reaction on social media and led to complaints to the UK‍‍`s advertising authority, prompted Zara to withdraw the remaining images, as reported by the BBC.

The campaign in question featured a model holding a mannequin wrapped in white plastic, which Zara said some customers interpreted as a reference to imagery “far from what was intended when they were created.”

This interpretation led to calls by some netizens for a boycott of the fashion retailer.

Zara clarified that the Atelier line campaign, launched in July and photographed in September, was unrelated to the Israel-Gaza conflict. The campaign‍‍`s imagery, showing a model amidst cracked stones and unfinished sculptures, was interpreted by some as depicting scenes from Gaza.

However, Zara emphasized that the campaign was intended to showcase handcrafted garments in an artistic setting, with no connection to the conflict. The company deeply regretted any offense caused and reaffirmed its respect for all individuals.

Before the controversy, Zara described "The Jacket" campaign as a focused design exercise, showcasing Zara Atelier‍‍`s creativity and manufacturing prowess, offering one garment in six styles with endless possibilities.

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