Narayanganj witnesses same-sex marriage originating from TikTok encounter

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Published: April 14, 2024, 02:07 PM

Narayanganj witnesses same-sex marriage originating from TikTok encounter

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A remarkable tale of love and commitment unfolded in Narayanganj, as Tanbi, a young woman from Bagerhat, and Subarna, a local resident, exchanged vows, solidifying their union. Their love story, cultivated through social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook, culminated in marriage, only to be interrupted by police intervention following community outcry.

The duo, Tanbi Akhter and Subarna Akhter, tied the knot on April 12, with their wedded bliss abruptly cut short by police apprehension the following day. Tanbi hails from Mongla, while Subarna is a native of Narayanganj, daughter of Ravi Sheikh.

Recounting their journey, Subarna revealed, "Our love blossomed through TikTok, eventually leading us to exchange vows with the Quran as our witness." The swift marriage took place on the night of April 12, as Subarna rushed from Narayanganj to join Tanbi in matrimony. However, their joy was short-lived as news of their union spread, prompting locals to alert authorities.

Reflecting on their relationship, Tanbi shared, "I first encountered Subarna on Facebook, after connecting through TikTok. Over time, our bond deepened, culminating in a sacred oath sworn on the Quran. I am prepared to stand by Subarna, even if it means relocating to Dhaka with her, pending my family‍‍`s approval."

However, not all were supportive of their union. Tanbi‍‍`s mother, Parveen Begum, expressed concern over her daughter‍‍`s involvement, adamant that such unions were unconventional and inappropriate.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Mongla Police Station, KM Azizul Islam, clarified, "This is not merely a matter of marriage; it involves a relationship formed on social media platforms. Subarna is currently under police custody, and her parents have been notified. Further discussions will be held upon their arrival."

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