Mild earthquake rattles Chattogram, no casualties reported

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Published: April 21, 2024, 01:15 PM

Mild earthquake rattles Chattogram, no casualties reported

On Saturday, April 21, at 10:46 pm local time, residents of Chattogram felt the tremors of a mild earthquake. The seismic event, registering a magnitude of 3.7, originated approximately 43 kilometers from the bustling port city, as reported by Volcano Discovery.

Fortunately, there were no casualties or significant damage reported from the quake, which lasted for a brief period. Sources indicate that the epicenter of the earthquake was situated 34 kilometers from the Indian border and 66 kilometers from Myanmar, with a depth of 10 kilometers.

This seismic activity follows a recent event on April 18, where Japan experienced a more substantial earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3. Occurring at 11:14 PM local time, the quake struck between the Kyosu and Shikoku deep pools. Despite its intensity, Japan reported no major damage resulting from the seismic event.

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