BUET Vice-Chancellor open to resuming student politics if students want

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Published: March 31, 2024, 03:02 PM

BUET Vice-Chancellor open to resuming student politics if students want

Vice Chancellor Dr. Satya Prasad Majumder

In a recent statement, University Vice-Chancellor Satya Prasad Majumdar expressed openness to the idea of reinstating student politics at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) if there is a collective desire among teachers and students.

During a press briefing on Sunday afternoon, the vice-chancellor underscored the importance of student politics in fostering student development, affirming that its reintroduction could be considered upon the consensus of BUET‍‍`s academic community.

Tensions erupted on the BUET campus late on March 28, with ordinary students protesting against perceived attempts to inject political activities onto campus grounds. They presented a set of demands at the BUET Shaheed Minar, emphasizing their stance against political interference.

Following a formal press conference the next day, an ultimatum was issued, leading to the permanent expulsion of Imtiaz Rabi, a student from the 21st batch of the Civil Engineering department, for violating regulations.

Subsequently, students gathered in front of the administrative building, signaling their intent for further action starting from Sunday morning. However, no protests were observed on campus that day.

Meanwhile, the Chhatra League organized a sit-in demonstration at the Central Shaheed Minar, advocating for a structured approach to student politics at BUET. Their leaders and activists later marched through the BUET campus following the rally.

In response to the ongoing developments, the vice-chancellor reiterated that any decision regarding the resumption of student politics would hinge upon the collective will of the university‍‍`s faculty and student body.

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