Mirpur zoo to sell deer at 50,000 tk and peacocks at 25,000 tk

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Published: April 22, 2024, 06:38 PM

Mirpur zoo to sell deer at 50,000 tk and peacocks at 25,000 tk

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Mirpur‍‍`s National Zoo is taking an unconventional step to address overcrowding issues by deciding to sell some of its animals, including deer and peacocks. The move comes as the zoo faces a surplus of animals exceeding its capacity, prompting authorities to seek additional attractions such as chimpanzees and gorillas.

The zoo‍‍`s sole chimpanzee passed away in July 2015, leaving the facility devoid of these primates ever since. Additionally, Bangladesh Zoo has never housed gorillas, prompting authorities to seek approval from the ministry to procure both chimpanzees and gorillas to enhance the zoo‍‍`s appeal.

Speaking on the matter, Zoo Curator Mujibur Rahman stated, "Subject to availability, we are offering Chitra deer and peacocks for sale at government-set prices. Each deer is priced at 50 thousand taka, while peacocks are priced at 25 thousand taka each. Prospective buyers must obtain a permit from the forest department to purchase deer, whereas no permit is required for peacocks."

Rahman further explained, "The sale of deer is restricted to rearing purposes only; any other utilization is prohibited, as per regulations enforced by the forest department."

Currently, the zoo houses a total of 3,380 animals spanning 135 species, including 287 deer and 197 peacocks. As the population exceeds the zoo‍‍`s capacity, the decision to sell some animals aims to alleviate overcrowding while also generating revenue for the zoo‍‍`s management.

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