Dearth of youth interest in reasearch books

Mahmud Nakib

Published: February 20, 2024, 09:44 PM

Dearth of youth interest in reasearch books

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Amar Ekushey Book Fair organized in memory of language martyrs has almost come to its end. Every year, the book fair bustles with the publication and sale of books of various categories.

Although the number and sales of research books in book fair every year remains less, this time the number of research books by publishers has increased.

It is known that publishers are becoming more interested in publishing books in this category as there is a growing demand in research publications. Despite the increase in research books, there is a lack of interest among young people in this. This raises the possibility of not creating great readers in the future generation.

This generation is not interested in learning in-depth about any subject. There is a possibility that this generation‍‍`s thinking ability, which involves getting engaged with distasteful items may not be fully developed. As a result, literary intellectuals emphasize on reading research books for the younger generation in order to support healthy thinking and mental development.

About research related books the sales marketing officer of Bangladesh Asiatic Society, a research institution, Zulfikar Ali said, "Our instituions has total publications of 140 items including journals, publications and books. Although we did not have anything new this year in book fair, a few publications came out since last year‍‍`s fair."

While asked about the sales of the books he said, "The sales of our publications have increased. We have certain kind of readers. Basically researchers, highly educated readers are our customers."

But when asked about young customers, he said, there are no young buyers of research books. Some young readers buy books but very little in retrospect.

A similar scenario was found in one of the most popular book publishers, Oitijjhya. Sales representative of the publication Mozammel Haque told,"We have more than 50 research books. The sale of such books has increased this time."

However, when asked about young readers, he said that there are no young buyers of research books. Although some young people look for research books but, the number is very small.

AKM Kamruzzaman, marketing assistant of University Press Limited, a well-known institution for research publications, said, "Our research books are more than a thousand. Teachers-researchers, highly educated readers are our buyers. Especially the teachers and students of Dhaka University are our main customers."

Regarding the young readers, he said, "Those who are talented among the young buyers are basically our buyers and readers."

Hasan Imam, a sales representative for Prothoma Prokashan, stated, "The majority of our books are research-based. This year, Prothoma Prokashan has released the majority of the publications written by young researchers. According to Hasan, the selling of research books has increased than before. However, he said that there are very few young readers in this genre.

Roaming around the book fair it is found that the young generation is less interested in research based books. They visit the book fair only to wander around and to take selfies. The lack of interest of the youth towards research is seen as an ominous sign by intellectuals.

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