Gunshots fired outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai home

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Published: April 14, 2024, 12:57 PM

Gunshots fired outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai home

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Gunshots were fired outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan‍‍`s Mumbai home early this morning, according to police.

At 5 am today, two unidentified men on a motorbike shot five bullets into the air outside Khan‍‍`s Bandra residence before fleeing the area, reports NDTV.

A bullet also hit the first floor of Khan‍‍`s residence, according to police, who added that the shooting was carried out using a foreign weapon. Mumbai Police has initiated an investigation into the incident and is attempting to locate the persons who fired the shots, it said.

Last year, India‍‍`s National Investigation Agency (NIA) stated that Khan was among the top 10 targets that imprisoned gansgter Lawrence Bishnoi intended to assassinate, citing the actor‍‍`s infamous 1998 black buck hunting incident, which the gangster claimed angered the Bishnoi community.

Bishnoi said that his henchman, Sampat Nehra, had surveilled Khan‍‍`s Bandra apartment, laying the groundwork for a possible hit. However, Haryana Police‍‍`s Special Task Force arrested Nehra, said the report.

Following another threat call on April 11, last year, Mumbai Police elevated Khan‍‍`s security status to Y+. An Indian student in the United Kingdom was given a lookout circular (LOC) after allegedly sending a threatening email to Khan, added the report.

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