SSC Pass Rate 83.04, girls lead the way

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Published: May 12, 2024, 01:44 PM

SSC Pass Rate 83.04, girls lead the way

Students rejoice after the results - Photo: Hani

The latest figures from this year‍‍`s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent exams are in, showing an encouraging uptick in pass rates. Clocking in at an average of 83.04%, this marks a notable improvement from the previous year‍‍`s 80.39%.

Among the nine general education boards, the overall pass rate stands at 83.77%. Remarkably, female students have outshone their male counterparts with a pass rate of 84.47%, while boys achieved a respectable 81.57%.

Education Minister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury delivered the results summary to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, underscoring the nation‍‍`s educational achievements.

On Sunday, Education Minister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury Nawfel hands over the summary of results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban. Photo: PMO

To find out why boys have been lagging behind in the pass rate in the SSC and equivalent examinations for the past few years, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) to conduct research.

Delving into the specifics, the Dhaka board led the pack with a commendable 83.92% pass rate, closely followed by Barisal at 89.13%. Chittagong and Comilla clocked in at 82.8% and 79.23%, respectively, while Dinajpur trailed slightly behind at 78.4%. Rajshahi showcased a strong performance with 89.26%, while Sylhet secured 73.35%. Mymensingh and Jessore boasted pass rates of 84.97% and an impressive 92.32%, respectively. Meanwhile, the madrasa board posted a respectable 79.66% pass rate.

This academic year saw the nationwide commencement of school-leaving public exams on February 15. Written exams wrapped up on March 12, followed by practical assessments concluding on March 20.

A staggering total of 2,024,192 students participated in the SSC and equivalent exams across 11 education boards. Of these, 1,606,879 students were enrolled under nine general education boards. Additionally, 242,314 students undertook examinations under the Madrasa Education Board, while 126,373 students were assessed under the Technical Education Board.

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