Dhaka records 83 km/h wind speed in morning; air quality improves

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Published: March 31, 2024, 01:20 PM

Dhaka records 83 km/h wind speed in morning; air quality improves

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Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh, woke up to cloudy skies at 6:30 am today, followed by a downpour accompanied by heavy winds around 7:30 am. The Meteorological Office reported that the stormy winds reached speeds of 83 km/h in Dhaka.

The rainy weather has brought a welcome change to the air quality in Dhaka, as revealed by the latest Air Quality Index (AQI) data released by air quality monitoring organizations at 9:07 am on Sunday, March 31.

Meteorologist Md. Bazlur Rashid confirmed that the rainfall and strong winds began early in the morning. Dhaka experienced gusts of wind reaching 83 km/h. Other regions, including Mymensingh, Chittagong, Sylhet, and parts of Dhaka, also received rainfall throughout the day. However, the intensity of rain is expected to decrease as the day progresses.

Statistics from the Meteorological Department indicate that the average rainfall for the month of March across the country stands at 52.4 mm. Recent data, up until four days ago, showed a rainfall accumulation exceeding the average by 15 percent nationwide, with Dhaka experiencing a rainfall level of 65.8 percent above the monthly average.

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