How did it all unfold as ransom paid, hostages released?

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Published: April 14, 2024, 03:05 PM

How did it all unfold as ransom paid, hostages released?

Kidnapped sailors posing for photo during Eid-ul-fitr. Collected Photo

Somali pirates earlier today released the Bangladesh-flagged ship MV Abdullah and its 23 crewmembers.

English national daily the Daily Star spoke to the family members of one crew member to find out how the events unfolded.

Wishing anonymity, the mother of the crewman spoke at length about the phone call that took place with her son soon after the sailors were released by the pirates.

A small aircraft flew in circles above the MV Abdullah around 4:00pm (local time) yesterday, she said.

The pirates first brought all 23 sailors to the deck of the ship at gunpoint. The crew raised their hands, as a gesture to the aircraft to ensure that they were unharmed and safe.

Soon the exchange began.

A bag full of money was thrown from the aircraft in the sea, which the pirates retrieved in a speedboat.

The pirates took another 7-8 hours to determine their safety. At Somali time 12:08am (Bangladesh time 3:08am), the pirates left MV Abdullah on a speedboat, the mother said, citing her son.

The vessel then started its journey towards the UAE, escorted by two navy ships.

The ship, owned by KSRM Group, was captured at gunpoint on March 12 around 600 nautical miles off the Somalian coast, while carrying coal from Maputo in Mozambique to Al Hamriyah in the UAE.

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