SAFF U19 Women‍‍‍‍`s C‍‍hampionship

Bangladesh and India declared joint champions

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Published: February 8, 2024, 11:34 PM

Bangladesh and India declared joint champions

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Bangladesh and India were declared joint champions of the SAFF U-19 Women‍‍`s Championship following a coin toss controversy on Thursday at the Birshrestha Shaheed Mostafa Kamal Stadium in Kamalapur, which began with the game won in India‍‍`s favour by a flip of the coin.

Shibani‍‍`s goal in the eighth minute put the away team ahead, but Sagorika, Bangladesh striker, tied the score late in stoppage time resulting in penalties.

The shootout was predicted to continue after all 11 players on both teams successfully converted their penalties. But then things started to happen in a really unsettling way.

Afeida Khandokar, the captain of Bangladesh and the team‍‍`s first penalty taker, advanced to the penalty spot but was stopped in her tracks as the referees discussed among themselves about the stipulation. The on-field referees then informed the two captains that a coin flip would determine the outcome of the match, with India winning.

Following objections from the Bangladesh camp, the match commissioner then retracted his decision to declare India the winners.

There was no stipulation in the tournament by-laws requiring that if all 11 players on each side converted their penalties, a coin flip would determine the outcome of the match.

The match commissioner reconsidered her decision and called both captains back to the field. India captain Nitu Linda remained in the dressing room as Bangladeshi captain Afeida Khandokar took the pitch.


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