Sporshia announces ‍‍`posthumous body donation‍‍` on her birthday

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Published: December 8, 2023, 03:37 PM

Sporshia announces ‍‍`posthumous body donation‍‍` on her birthday

Orchita Sporshia

Posthumous body donation is not common among Bangladeshi showbiz stars. But actress Orchita Sporshia went against the grain. She decided to donate her body after her death.

The actress turned 30 on December 8. On this day, she is officially announcing about her ‍‍`posthumous body donation‍‍`. She further explained why she became interested in this.

On this special day, Sporshia said that we all try to help people in various ways. This is also a kind of help I think. After my death I will donate my body to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

She said that I have been planning for a long time regarding posthumous body donation. After my death, my body parts will be transplanted into the body of a living patient. Also, to be used for medical purposes. It will benefit someone else.

I have already discussed the matter with the authorities of Dhaka Medical College. So after my death, instead of burial the DMCH concerned will take over my body, she added.

Regarding body donation, Orchira Sporshia said, this donation of mine includes the desire to benefit others and contribute a little to medical science. If another person can gets life because of me, it does not harm me. If the sense of humanity is not there in artists like us, then what will the common people learn? If as a result of this decision or declaration of mine, common people get inspiration to donate bodies, that is also my success.


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