BTRC-approved GPS Vehicle Trackers in Bangladesh

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Published: November 6, 2023, 06:05 PM

BTRC-approved GPS Vehicle Trackers in Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, vehicle security issues have become a growing concern, necessitating the use of advanced GPS vehicle trackers to safeguard both individual and fleet vehicles. Recognized and approved by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), these GPS trackers offer effective solutions to address these security challenges. They adhere to local telecommunications standards, ensuring reliability, accuracy, and compatibility with local cellular networks. Moreover, these trackers prioritize security and data privacy, making them a trusted choice for mitigating vehicle security risks.

Why Use a BTRC-approved GPS Vehicle Tracker

Using a BTRC-approved GPS vehicle tracker in Bangladesh is the best choice for several reasons. BTRC-approved trackers adhere to local telecommunications standards, ensuring regulatory compliance. They are known for their reliability and accuracy, as well as their compatibility with local cellular networks. 

BTRC-approved devices prioritize security and privacy, while also providing better customer support and warranties. Some insurance providers may even require their use, and they offer uninterrupted network access and easier integration with other systems. These trackers undergo quality assurance testing, guaranteeing a durable and reliable product. 

The features and applications of these devices demonstrate a commitment to regulatory standards, and data privacy, while maintaining credibility and trust.

20 BTRC Registered GPS Trackers in Bangladesh in 2023

Bondstein Track My Vehicle

Bondstein‍‍`s Track My Vehicle GPS tracker offers comprehensive features for optimized vehicle tracking and management. Real-time tracking, a user-friendly web dashboard, and a remote engine disarm feature enhance security. Users can access over 24 analytical reports for mileage, location, and alerts, aiding fleet management and logistics cost savings. It seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, tracks expenses, and provides predictive maintenance alerts. With 24/7 customer support and nationwide technicians, it suits both individuals and businesses.

Finder GPS Tracker

Monico Technologies Ltd‍‍`s Finder GPS Tracker is a leading GPS service provider in Bangladesh. Enlisted by the Survey of Bangladesh for map development, Finder offers reliable, licensed services. It provides standard features like real-time tracking, geofencing, and ignition and speed alerts. 

Unique features include the ‍‍`SOS Button‍‍` for emergencies and ‍‍`PUSH-PULL SERVICE‍‍` for offline tracking. Registration offers five packages with prices from 4,500 BDT to 12,000 BDT and monthly charges from 300 BDT to 500 BDT.

Infolink GPS Tracker

Infolink GPS Tracker offers versatile tracking solutions, including the Smart GPS Tracker for leased vehicles and large fleets, featuring live tracking and engine status monitoring. The Lite GPS Tracker suits various vehicles with features like remote fuel cutoff and geo-fencing. The Standard GPS Tracker offers high-end features like door status detection and two-way communication for fleet management. The Personal GPS Tracker is solar-powered, suitable for cargo, ships, and employee-owned vehicles. The discreet Plug and Play GPS Tracker integrates into a USB charger, offering real-time GPS location and audio monitoring. 

Prices range from BDT 4,000 to BDT 15,000 (excluding VAT) for the device, with monthly charges from BDT 250 to BDT 2,000 (excluding VAT), ensuring affordability and adaptability to users’ specific tracking needs.

Sky Tracker

Sky Tracker, a GPS tracker in partnership with Concox, a renowned GPS device manufacturer, offers features suitable for personal and business use. It provides real-time tracking, allowing users to monitor vehicle location, speed, and route through a user-friendly mobile interface. 

Remote engine control adds security by enabling users to turn off the engine remotely. Trip reports, voice monitoring, over-speed alerts, power cut alerts, geofencing, and an emergency button enhance monitoring and security. 

Priced at TK 350 for a monthly package, it includes 24/7 customer support and a 1-year warranty, making it a reliable and cost-effective choice for GPS tracking needs.


Nexdecade Technology (Pvt) Ltd. offers a range of GPS tracking solutions for various vehicles and vessels. The BDN800 model comes with advanced features like real-time tracking, emergency engine blocking, history playback, and a generous 5-year replacement warranty. The BDN600 option provides real-time tracking, emergency engine blocking, an SOS alarm, and a 3-year replacement warranty for reliability. 

BDN200 CAR is designed for four-wheel vehicles, offering real-time tracking, emergency engine blocking, geo-fence alerts, and a 1-year replacement warranty. BDN200 is intended for motorbikes and CNG vehicles, with essential tracking features and a 1-year replacement warranty. 

BDCOM SmartTracker

BDCOM SmartTracker, introduced by BDCOM Online Ltd., is Bangladesh‍‍`s first automatic vehicle location system. 

It offers fleet management, driver behavior analysis, alerts for unauthorized vehicle use, speed limit notifications, fuel consumption monitoring, safety features, anti-theft measures, real-time vehicle tracking, route maps, daily activity logs, SOS alarms, vibration detection, and remote engine immobilization.

 BTRC approved GPS tracker

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Grameenphone Smart Tracker

Grameenphone Smart Tracker is a GPS solution suitable for both individual vehicles and fleets. It provides vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and engine diagnostics using satellite GPS and GSM communication. With BTRC approval, it offers nationwide coverage and 24/7 support, boasting 99.9 percent uptime. Notable features include geo-fencing, remote engine diagnosis, and audio listening. Pricing details can be obtained by contacting Grameenphone directly. 

The company offers two types of GPS trackers: a wireless system called eVTS for BDT 3,599 with a monthly fee of BDT 299, and a wired system for BDT 3,999 with a monthly subscription fee of BDT 399.

Prohori GPS Tracker

Prohori GPS Tracker, created by Onnorokom Electronics and available from Prohori in Bangladesh, is a sturdy vehicle tracking system. This locally developed GPS tracker offers live tracking, engine locking/unlocking, geo-fencing, speed violation alerts, and travel history. Prohori stands out with its ‍‍`Custom Package‍‍` option, allowing clients to tailor their GPS tracking solution to their specific needs, ensuring they only pay for the features they require. 

Prohori provides four pre-designed packages with prices ranging from 4,999 BDT to 11,999 BDT, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Easytrax GPS Tracking Service

Easytrax GPS Tracking Service is known for its impressive features. It includes real-time fuel monitoring, accurate daily mileage tracking, and historical route replay. Users can set geofence alerts, schedule essential maintenance, and monitor multiple vehicles on one platform. 

Easytrax offers six map views, remote engine control, and various alert options. Advanced features like tamper alerts, fleet vehicle tracking, and real-time fuel management enhance asset security. Driver monitoring tools and Google Live Traffic updates are also available. 

Pricing options start at just 2,999 BDT, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of customers.


Dupno, a G-Tech Group subsidiary, specializes in GPS tracking devices for cars, motorbikes, and individuals, prioritizing customer satisfaction. They offer standard GPS tracking features like live tracking, engine monitoring, speeding alerts, geo-fencing, route history, real-time notifications, and remote engine control. 

Dupno stands out with its ‍‍`Smart Video Tracking‍‍` system, allowing clients to view live video feeds of their vehicles, along with 24-hour video storage and two-way communication for added security. 

Prices range from 5,500 BDT for basic car tracking to 25,000 BDT for ‍‍`Smart Video Tracking‍‍` packages, but there may be additional monthly service charges.

Tracking and Survey Solutions Light Vehicle Tracker

The TSS101 Light Vehicle Tracker from Tracking and Survey Solutions is an affordable GPS tracking solution designed for motorbikes and light vehicles. Priced at BDT 5000 initially and with a monthly charge of BDT 400, it offers precise vehicle tracking using GPS and LBS positioning for security and operational efficiency. 

The device has a wide voltage range of 9-90V, ACC detection for ignition monitoring, and remote fuel and power cut-off features. It includes built-in GPS and GSM antennas for accurate tracking within 10 meters. Its compact size (73.8×25.9×12.2mm) and lightweight design (26.5g) make it suitable for various vehicles.

FollowR by Dingi

FollowR by Dingi‍‍`s GPS Tracking Service offers a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution with features tailored to individual needs. It allows users to track their vehicle‍‍`s location in real time and provides smart geofencing for security alerts when the vehicle enters or exits specific zones. The system includes facial recognition alarms for unauthorized access, real-time incident alerts, driver behavior reports, and the ability to track multiple vehicles from a single account. 

Competitive pricing options, starting at 3,000 BDT, make it accessible to a wide range of users.

Go Max Tracker

Go Max Tracker is an indigenous IOT-based vehicle tracking service from Bangladesh, emphasizing security and protection. It offers monitoring and protection for a wide range of sectors, including light vehicles, corporate transport, heavy equipment, buses, bikes, ships, personal tracking, and asset tracking. Features include real-time tracking, multi-user support, various report types, notifications, dedicated support apps, and a reward point system. 

It also provides engine status monitoring, GPS tracking software, multiple tracking platforms, a user-friendly VTS monitoring app, history playback, traffic updates, vehicle service management, geo-fence monitoring, and compatibility with Android and iOS apps. 

 BTRC car gps tracker

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Falcons GPS Tracking Service

Falcons GPS Tracking Service is a trusted choice for vehicle tracking in Bangladesh. It‍‍`s a vehicle tracking service operator licensed by BTRC. Falcons provides a comprehensive solution for vehicle security and monitoring with advanced tracking technology. They offer cost-effective packages suitable for various vehicle types, from motorbikes to heavy vehicles.


Carcopolo is an intelligent GPS vehicle tracking system developed by Thane Systems. It provides real-time vehicle location updates accessible via mobile and web applications 24/7 for precise tracking. Geofencing allows users to create boundaries and limit vehicle movement within defined areas. The system updates vehicle data every 30 seconds, ensuring accuracy. In case of speed violations, geo-fence breaches, or power cuts, emergency alerts are sent. 

Carcopolo offers pricing options in four categories, with the Portable Tracker at OTC 6000 BDT for purchase and MRC 500 BDT for monthly usage, featuring real-time positioning and a substantial 10,000mAh battery capacity. The Wired GPS Tracker, available at OTC 4500 BDT for purchase and MRC 500 BDT for monthly usage, offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for tracking vehicles and assets, enhancing car security with a cloud-based app.

Radiant GPS Tracking Service

Radiant GPS Tracking Service brings 14 years of expertise in GPS tracking. Their commitment to robust features enables clients to monitor vehicles in real-time, providing details on speed, fuel consumption, and travel history. Notifications cover geo-zone entries, speeding incidents, and theft, including SOS alarms and remote engine shutdown. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Radiant GPS offers detailed travel history, downloadable reports, and advanced control features. 

Packages start at BDT 500 with payment options in both USD and BDT, serving diverse GPS tracking needs.

GPS Tracker for Bike

The GPS Tracker for Bike (PREMIUM) is a compact and lightweight GPS tracking solution available in GT08, WETRACK2, and GV20 models, providing precise real-time tracking. It offers 24/7 call center support, iOS and Android apps, live traffic updates, notifications, history playback, remote engine control, various alerts, reports, and a remarkable 5-year warranty. 

With low monthly fees and discounts, this tracker is priced at BDT 3,800, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective option for efficient vehicle tracking.

Akash TrackMe

Akash Technology offers embedded software services with extensive experience in various industries. They also offer an Android app for vehicle tracking, allowing users to monitor their vehicles remotely. Vehicle tracking systems are effective in recovering stolen vehicles, providing security and monitoring features. These systems integrate with alarms and can help police locate stolen vehicles. Additionally, they can reduce insurance costs by lowering the risk of vehicle loss.

Truck Lagbe Tracker

Truck Lagbe‍‍`s TL Tracker GPS Service revolutionizes truck owners‍‍` businesses with three key features. Live tracking allows real-time vehicle monitoring for safety. The 30 days history feature offers a month-long historical view for issue identification and playback of routes and times. Daily mileage tracking helps monitor daily distances and estimate monthly fuel consumption. Additional features, including Live Traffic, Overspeed Alert, Geo-Fence Alert, and Live Speed Update, further enhance operations. 

TL Tracker offers two packages with setup costs of 2,499 BDT and 3,499 BDT, along with monthly and yearly charges.

M2M Vehicle Tracking Services

M2M Vehicle Tracking Services offers an innovative vehicle tracking system utilizing GPS technology for precise real-time location data. It provides fleet management, driver behavior analysis, unauthorized vehicle use alerts, speed limit notifications, fuel consumption monitoring, safety features, anti-theft measures, real-time vehicle tracking, route maps, daily activity logs, SOS alarms, vibration detection, and remote engine immobilization. 

There are different packages with one-time charges ranging from 4,200 to 6,500 TK, along with a monthly service charge of 500 TK.

Final Words

These are the BTRC-approved GPS vehicle trackers in Bangladesh for 2023, offering a range of features such as real-time tracking, fuel monitoring, and geofencing. These services are designed for both individual usage and business purposes, with varying price points. These trackers play a vital role in enhancing vehicle security, operational efficiency, and fleet management, addressing a wide spectrum of tracking needs in a cost-effective manner.

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