Nail care secrets for winter

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Published: January 19, 2023, 11:34 AM

Nail care secrets for winter

Winter weather comes with numerous beauty concerns. Hair fall, dandruff, dry and flaky skin and so many more. During winters dry and clipped nails are a major concern also.


To avoid nail issues, these few tips and tricks you can follow and keep your nails healthy.


1. Moisturizing


Due to cold weather our nails lose the moisture and lack of moisture tends the nails to go brittle. To avoid cracked nailed regularly moisturize your nails with coconut oil and Vaseline.


2. Use cuticle creams


Cuticle cream helps to build the natural layer of the nails and protect them.


3. Less usage of water


Keep your nails dry as much as possible. You can use gloves while taking a bath or washing utensils. Make sure that your nails do not spend much time in the water which can weaken the nail bud.


4. Avoid Manicures


In winters our nails are tend to face brittleness and breakage. And soaking the hands in water for manicures usually tends them to break easily. Not applying nail paints and extensions can let your nails breathe and recover from the damage.


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