Parts of Bangladesh at risk of submersion within century

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Published: March 30, 2024, 10:51 PM

Parts of Bangladesh at risk of submersion within century

Professor Ainun Nishat, an expert in water resources and climate change, has issued a stark warning that significant portions of Bangladesh could be submerged by the sea within the next century. 

Expressing her concerns, she indicated that areas including parts of Jessore, Gopalganj, Chandpur, and Feni might succumb to the encroaching waters.

Professor Nishat voiced these apprehensions during a national dialogue titled ‍‍`Coastal Life and Livelihood: Crisis and Action‍‍`, organized by Amara Raksha Dharitri at the National Press Club in the capital on Saturday (March 30).

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, she cautioned that such environmental changes could occur within the next 50 years.

Furthermore, Professor Nishat predicted that even the land surrounding Dhaka could become saline due to rising sea levels.

Moreover, the climate change expert foresees saline intrusion affecting the central region from Rajshahi to Sirajganj and Sirajganj to Kishoreganj Bhairab.

She emphasized that despite Dhaka city‍‍`s elevated position, standing 25 feet above sea level, its surroundings could still face salinization.

Areas like Kamrangirchar or Jinjira, with elevations of only 5-6 feet, are particularly vulnerable and could potentially be submerged.

Professor Nishat‍‍`s warnings underscore the pressing need for concerted action to address climate change and its impact on Bangladesh‍‍`s coastal areas and beyond.

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