Karwan Bazar Kitchen Market Relocation

Why traders do not want to leave Karwan Bazar?

Sadia Islam Supti

Published: April 2, 2024, 05:28 PM

Why traders do not want to leave Karwan Bazar?

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Various types of uncertainties are appearing among businessmen, after Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Atiqul Islam‍‍`s speech on demolishing a building as well as relocation of Karwan Bazar Kitchen market.  

As many as, 176 traders of Karawan Bazar Aarat Building will be transferred to Gabtali Kitchen Market.

Habibur Rahman has been doing business in this market since 25 years. 

When asked about the transfer of the market, he mentioned that livelihood of around 50,000 people is involved with this marketplace. If unemployment increases due to relocation, the possibility of being associated with various types of terrorist activities will increase. 

Mansoor Ali Gazi, another old businessman here felt that the transfer of the market would incur nothing but their loss.

Not only the traders, but also the members of the Aarat Malik Samiti (Wholesale Market Owners Association) have an adverse reaction to the decision to transfer the market under the jurisdiction of the Dhaka North City Corporation.

Saifur Rahman Chowdhury, General Secretary of Karwan Bazae Aarat Malik Samiti said, "Our businessmen are not willing to relocate Gabtoli as there is no environment to relocate there.

Referring to the Karwan Bazar wholesale market as a permanent allocated marketplace, he further said, "Wholesale market needs the resources, openness as if the air could move. There is also need of roads on all four sides. Need space for trucks to be unloaded and loaded."

"Especially 400-500 trucks enter here every day. Multiple routes will be required for exit. In fact, besides the supply of vegetables to not only in Dhaka city, but the supply continues to different parts of the country from here. Karwan Bazar is the supplier of almost 99 percent vegatables of the entire Dhaka city. No similar infrastructure that has been existed in Karwan Bazar right now, has not been made anywhere to our knowledge," Saifur Rahman also said.

Buyers have the same opinion as sellers. Ekramul Islam is a regular customer here. According to him, there‍‍`s a possibility that the amenities that city dwellers take advantage of would be lost as a result of Karwan Bazar‍‍`s relocation. 

Another buyer, Abdul Jabbar, said, "Even if the market shifts, the people of Gabtali will also enjoy the same opportunity as we are enjoying now.

The biggest wholesale kitchen market in Dhaka has always been located in the center of the city, Karwan Bazar. The government decided to move the Karwan Bazar vendors to a new location in order to ease traffic congestion in the area and guarantee efficient market operations. 

The government chose to construct three markets in the city as part of the initiative. In 2006, a project costing Tk206 was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) to construct the three marketplaces in the city. The project‍‍`s final cost rose to Tk 350. 

Even after all these years, the government has not succeeded in moving the Karwan Bazar wholesale vendors to newly constructed marketplaces.

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