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‘No helmet, no fuel’ begins today

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Published: May 15, 2024, 03:00 PM

‘No helmet, no fuel’ begins today

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Starting today, the nationwide directive of “No helmet, no fuel” has been set in motion by the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, Obaidul Quader.

On Wednesday, the directive was issued during a meeting of the advisory council formed under the Bangladesh Road Transport Act 2017 at the BRTA headquarters in Dhaka.

Quader stated, “We have somewhat brought motorcycles under control in Dhaka city. It‍‍`s rare to see motorcycles being ridden without helmets. Everyone wears helmets. We’ve enforced the policy we’ve announced. The Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police have been instructed that no fuel should be provided if helmets are not worn at those locations.”

He emphasized that it’s not just limited to Dhaka city but extends to the entire country. Quader stated, “We will adhere to the ‘No helmet, no fuel’ policy. This decision has been made today. If discipline is not instilled in road transport, then what’s the benefit of dreaming of safe roads?”

The meeting was attended by the mayors of two cities in Dhaka and officials from the BRTA.

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